The artist

The body
        the paintbrush
        the colours
        the forms
        the hand
        the canvas
the soul
        the artist
the Divine
        the inspiration.


Wake up

Wake up from the dream
a dream where truth cannot be seen
where there is them and us
where the Beloved is far away
where death is the end.

Wake up from the dream
to a world where light shines through every object, every event
where everything in life is orchestrated
where all Life is One
where all secrets are revealed
where the Beloved is close, always.


Why not?

Let's assume -and why not?-
that there is somewhere in this world, hidden yet accessible,
a plane where there is endless Love
but we only have had a taste of it.
That begs the question
What can we do, right here, right now,
forgetting what we were told by the world
to experience this Love
right here right now.

Let's assume -and why not?-
there is behind all movements an endless Peace
yet we do not experience this in our lives.
That raises the question
What is, forgetting all mantra's and rites, the shortest route
to being fully absorbed in Peace
right here right now?

Let's assume -and why not?-
there is a Force shaping our lives
but we are not conscious, cannot access or master it.
Then there is only one question worth asking:
What can we do, or stop doing, right here right now
discarding all doubts and limitations
to access this Force, to realise our purpose on earth
right here right now



No need to go high up in the Himalayas
no sweat lodges, fasting, night wakes
you name it.
They are not needed, do it some other time
leave it for others to do.

Go to the core of your core, seek only your essence
It might be a long trip
through dark caves and foggy fields
or you might arrive there in one all encompassing sigh.

There, hidden deep in the Silence
you will find the Seat of the Self.

From this throne you oversee all of your inner territory.
Anything you say or whisper here
will resound throughout all planes of your being
penetrate across all outskirts
echo into all dark corners.

When you are there, say ‘Yes’,
and before long
you are the Queen or the King or ...
whoever or whatever you were meant to be

Olaf Schraa
Instagram... not yet
Amsterdam, The Netherlands