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Making the invisible visible

--- playing with light --- One of my main interests is to see how light can play with objects and how we can play with light itself.

Waves 2023

String illuminated by lights

Flow of Life 2021

3D printed object illuminated by light


Waves. Air and water are natural media for waves to travel in, in essence through transmission of movement, the movement of matter. The patterns that emerge are often pleasing to our senses. 

When you have an eye for it the number of patterns you can discern are endless...

Fountain in Zurich, Switzerland


There are so many things we can be inpired with...

This demonstration project shows how to make the invisible (in this case the magnetic field) visible:
it is an ‘off the shelve’ lamp in which a sensor and a microcontroller are added.

The lamp reacts to the movements of the trains; the colour of the light will change when they pass or leave.


To reflect, to see things in an other light, to be fooled by a reflection, these are the things that gives depth to our view.

Pure geometric and random shapes, sometimes mixed.

Starting with chaos and building order on top of it. Like life evolved out of matter, and consciousness out of life.

Olaf Schraa
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands